12 Days of Noble Coffee - Gift Set

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* Please note that we have SOLD OUT of our first run of the 12 Days boxes. If you order now, the boxes will ship or be available for pick up on Friday November 27. Thanks for your understanding! *

Celebrate the holiday with our first ever 12 Days of Noble Coffee gift set!  This curated boxed set includes 12 sample sized bags that altogether yield 100 cups of coffee, 4 cups of chai and 4 cups of cocoa.  Please note that all coffee is pre-ground for an automatic drip machine.  These boxes may not be customized (not available whole bean, other grind methods, etc). The samplers are enclosed in a white cardboard box with logo label perfect for gifting (not wooden box in cover photo).

Included Samplers:

Day 1 - Black Majic Blend 

Day 2 - Highlander Grogg (Flavored Coffee)

Day 3 - French Caramel Creme (Flavored Coffee)

Day 4 - Vanilla Chai (Contains caffeine)

Day 5 - Anniversary Blend (*NEW BLEND in celebration of our 25th anniversary coming up April 2021)

Day 6 - Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Gayo

Day 7 - Jamaican Me Crazy (Flavored Coffee)

Day 8 - Candied Nutracker (Flavored Coffee)

Day 9 - Jingle Bell Java (Flavored Coffee)

Day 10 - Sweet Ground Cocoa Mix

Day 11 - Classic Blend

Day 12 - Christmas Vacation (Flavored Coffee)