About us

Situated on the square in downtown Noblesville, Noble Coffee & Tea opened its doors on April 17th, 1996.  Not long after, proprietor Jim Howard acquired his own coffee roaster and began retailing his own specialty beans.  Since this time, Noble Coffee & Tea coffees have been sold and shipped all over the country.  At any given time, you can find more than a dozen single origin coffees, several blends and many flavored coffees in our flagship store.

In September 2013, Mark and Robyn Littler partnered with Jim Howard, assuming the roasting and wholesale side of the business while Jim maintained the retail location.  Robyn had previous coffee industry experience and began working at Noble Coffee in 2009.  Her interest in the coffee business grew and she focused on barista skills and training.  Mark, already an avid coffee drinker and lover of a good French press, worked with Jim to learn the art of roasting.  As a degreed engineer, Mark enjoys learning the science of the roasting process, experimenting with new roast profiles and working to ensure that each coffee is roasted in such a way that its very best traits shine through.

As Jim did before us, we continue to source the highest quality specialty grade coffee available.  We work with importers who work directly with the farmers to ensure not only sustainability, but higher quality crops that command a higher price in the market for the farmers.  We purchase coffee frequently, enabling us to provide many unique, limited-offerings.  This includes Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees when available. We roast the old fashioned way on a fully manual machine that requires skill and allows creativity in the process. There are no automatic profile controls to aid the roaster or satellite links to automatically adjust for the weather.  Our coffee is truly handcrafted and we hope that you will enjoy our distinctive offerings.